Press Release

Entrepreneur Joni Jeffries launched Six Houses Entrepreneurs (S.H.E.) to support women business owners and inspire young girls in her area. To spread the news, Jeffries hired Red Pen to write a

Case Study

Gallery Furniture made national news in August 2017 when it opened its showroom doors to offer shelter to Hurricane Harvey victims. Before the disaster, the store needed to hire more

B2B Blog

Frustrated car shoppers just want simple online solutions to make the process quicker, easier and more transparent. That’s what we found when we interviewed a handful of recent car buyers


Writing newsletters, handbills and website content for a world-renowned opera company definitely gets our creative juices flowing. Opera, in particular, requires detailed and engaging descriptions gained only by interviewing the

B2C Blog

Writing a blog about kitchen design trends for our client, Central Construction Group, brought a sense of comfort as we tapped into a wealth of experience gained through years of

Website Content

Writing content for an Indianapolis general contractor’s website requires great skill, patience and organization. A contractor may know his business well, but struggle to put it into words. We help

B2B Blog

Retailers are in a fight for survival against big e-commerce giants like Amazon. PERQ Marketing creates interactive software for furniture stores, auto dealerships and property managers to guide online shoppers