Know what I like so much about this year’s March Madness Cinderella team? It’s not just my tendency to cheer for the underdog, although I admit that’s a big part of it. It’s more about how they play the game.

They work together, play basic, fundamental basketball, and depend on no one player to carry the load. As ESPN points out, the 11th-seed Loyola-Chicago Ramblers play nothing but good team basketball. They don’t depend on one red-hot shooter (several have shared the spotlight), and luck had nothing to do with their journey to this weekend’s NCAA Final Four. Instead, they adapted their style of play to each team they faced and worked their butts off to get a win.

In many ways, the Ramblers’ approach to playing good basketball can be applied to running a good business. It starts with authenticity and grows through hard work, a team approach, and a commitment to persevere through adversity. That’s how we do it at Red Pen, and our growing list of clients seem to think we’re doing something right.

3 Traits of a ‘Cinderella’ Team

According to a recent NCAA article, a Cinderella team who makes it to the Final Four must have the following three traits: experience, the ability to win the turnover battle and an elite offense. The same traits for success might apply when trying to market your business or tell your company’s story.

Customers gravitate to businesses with experience; they seek trustworthiness and reliability. The knowledge of a seasoned business owner is a valuable resource that tends to set customers at ease. Winning the turnover battle takes grit and a willingness to get the job done. When customers hire a company, they expect great customer service, quality work, a fair price and measurable results. An elite offense takes practice, skillful handling and a team with true talent.

The Cinderellas of the World Take Action

While the princess had a little help from her fairy godmother, she still took action to change her plight through kindness, fortitude and perseverance. The Loyola-Chicago basketball team never cowered under pressure when facing the NCAA’s perennial powerhouses.

The experienced journalists at Red Pen faced adversity during our journey to becoming great writers and editors, but we took the bull by the horns a little over a year ago to shape and mold our own futures. We connect as a team, and our cohesiveness and adaptability help us shine.

Red Pen may be an underdog in the current content marketing arena, but this ‘Cinderella’ team just might surprise you. Give us a call today.

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