Pick the Perfect Business Partnerships to Prosper

Partnerships play an important role in most businesses. Companies partner with vendors and manufacturers. Some partner with technology providers and marketing agencies. Every client relationship represents a new partnership.

The right business partnership gives your company the opportunity to grow and prosper. By outsourcing to experts in various fields, your business can offer customers more comprehensive services or better products.

But, partnerships mean more than just hiring another company and signing a contract. Partnerships must be a two-sided relationship that benefits both businesses, and picking a poor partner can hurt your brand and bottom line.

Partners Represent Your Company, So Pick Wisely

When we partner with clients like PERQ Marketing to produce branded content, they trust us to directly contact customers and interview them for company blogs and industry partner articles. We meet regularly with PERQ staffers to keep updated on the tech company’s software and messaging. If a source asks us a question or has an issue, we pass it along to our clients, along with any potential leads or ideas we think might be valuable to their business.  

Pick business partnerships that represent your company with the same professionalism as any of your employees. Make sure companies you partner with stay current on your company’s mission and talking points, and give them a way to easily communicate with a point person at your business. Regularly check in to ensure everyone’s on the same page and happy with the current arrangement, so you can avoid dissatifaction long before it becomes an issue.

Business Partnerships Require Mutual Trust

Trust is a vital aspect of any good relationship. Only hire businesses or vendors you trust to deliver as promised. Ask for some referrals so you can verify that they’re reliable, meet deadlines and communicate openly.

When interacting with potential business partners, do you ever have issues with their customer service or problems with performance? Pay attention to those red flags as they’re likely to cause the same issues with your own clients if you hire them.

Red Pen Partnership Priorities

I recently wrote a blog for PERQ about the importance of partnerships in the auto industry, one of three major industries they serve, which is what inspired this blog idea. Much like auto dealerships, PERQ partners with many businesses across several industries, from content writers like us to data providers, website developers and other digital marketing agencies.

When interviewing sources for that blog, I learned how the right partnerships give a business the competitive advantage, but it’s how both parties approach the partnership that ultimately determines the success of the deal. Everyone involved must be fully vested in the best interest of both businesses, and the relationship should be based on trust, commitment, compromise, communication and timeliness.

As a content creation company, we’ve established partnerships with marketing agencies, web developers, photographers, designers, individual business owners and organizations. When sending a photographer out to shoot promotional pictures for a client or outsourcing website work, we trust those service providers to represent Red Pen well.

Don’t risk picking the wrong partner. Collaborate with Red Pen for all of your content marketing needs and we promise to bring those same values to our partnership.  

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