Creating content or writing copy for small businesses, nonprofits and other organizations takes time, commitment and strategy. At today’s hectic pace, business owners struggle to find enough time to run and grow a successful company, let alone focus on writing content.

More businesses are embracing the fact that investing in content marketing works, as evidenced by the multitude of job ads for communications specialists, communication directors, content marketing managers, etc. But do you really want to spend your time recruiting, hiring and training a full-time writing or marketing team?

Sure, that might work for a larger company that strongly commits to its content marketing strategy over a long period of time. But what about smaller companies who want to test the content marketing waters, see what works, and then change direction if needed?

Outsourcing content to reliable freelancers, who can do it faster, better and cheaper, provides a good solution. By going the flexible route with a trustworthy outsourcing team, the amount of content your company creates is limited only by your marketing budget, and not people’s time or talent.

Here are 5 good reasons to outsource content for your business or organization:

1. Outsourcing Costs Less

If you’ve ever worked as a hiring manager and tried to recruit new talent for your company, you know firsthand how time-consuming this process can be. Once you wade through the applications and find a good candidate, you need to devote time to training that individual to write the type of copy your business needs. Not to mention the costs associated with providing space for the new hire to work, along with a salary, payroll taxes and benefits.

Outsourcing a company’s blog, website info, press releases and other marketing materials costs less. There’s no overhead needed for a full-time employee, and a focused content creation team with no other company demands will get the job done with quicker turnaround.

2. Top-Quality Writing Makes a Difference

Maybe you’ve tried writing content yourself or added it to the already-overfilled plate of an existing employee. That usually ends up with starts and spurts, sending an inconsistent message and following an unfocused content strategy.

Hire an experienced content creation team to help tell your company’s story with a clear content marketing strategy and top-quality writing. Let experienced writers dig into what your company is about and where it wants to go. Soon, you’ll be sending a consistent message with clean copy and powerful storytelling.

3. Content Marketing Produces More Leads

We’ve established you have no time, but you know content marketing works. It’s time to commit and get it done, whether it’s through an outsource team, your existing staff, or some combination of the two. If your company is only focused on paid search, you could be losing money.

According to stats listed in a 2017 Content Marketing Institute report, content marketing gets three times the leads per dollar spent when compared to paid search. In addition to lower upfront costs, content marketing produces deeper long-term benefits than paid search, as it tends to build on its own momentum. To get results from pay-per-click campaigns, you need to commit a steady flow of cash.

4. Producing Content Increases SEO

A great website may attract some consumers, but getting noticed by the search engine optimization gods requires a little more effort. The CMI report indicates websites with blog content receive 434% more search-engine-indexed pages than businesses that don’t publish content.

By writing a blog, posting it on your website, then promoting it on various social media channels that lead back to your website, you’re more likely to boost organic traffic from search. An outsource content creation team with proven SEO skills can help you get noticed.

5. Outsourcing Requires Less Commitment

No hiring manager wants to go through the process of recruiting, hiring and training a team of content writers, only to learn later that budget cuts require scaling back. For many businesses, that commitment to content marketing seems to fluctuate at times.

Partnering with an outsource team requires less commitment and the flexibility to change directions when business goals change. Keep yourself and your employees happy by focusing on what you do best, and leave the writing to Red Pen.

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