Trust in Content Marketing

In our profession, words matter – a lot. What matters even more, however, is trust.

As lifelong journalists, the current state of the media’s trustworthiness amid widespread reports of “fake news” hits close to home and raises many concerns, to say the least.

Why would fake news concern Red Pen, a company that focuses mostly on content marketing?

Because no matter what we write, we take pride in our work. Whether we’re writing an article for a newspaper or magazine, ghostwriting a blog for a brand or creating website content for a local start-up business – our name is associated with that content, just like it is with any reporter’s byline.

We’re veteran journalists who’ve worked for front-page newspaper bylines as well as No. 1 Google SEO rankings for brand content, and we’ve learned trust is the name of the game in whatever medium content creation occurs. Building trust requires the delivery of accuracy, clarity and accountability.

Accuracy in Content Marketing

Every good business needs to establish trust with its customers to attract their attention and keep them coming back for more. Many companies attempt to do this by telling their company’s story in creative ways, such as a website landing page or online marketing press release.

We know creative storytelling works, but if the information is inaccurate or somehow misleads your audience, they may not return to your website or buy your product. One egregious mistake can ruin your site’s credibility and your company’s reputation, so we take our content’s accuracy very seriously.

Take the time to research your topic, write well, and always fact-check your work. Your customers will trust you and your content, and your experience and credibility will shine through.

Clarity in Content Marketing

Clarity in content marketing starts with clear communication from the start. Don’t promise something you can’t deliver. If something new comes up or isn’t quite clear, follow up and ask questions. Establish clear deadlines and meet them.

With popular opinion driving fact these days, it’s never been more important to clearly communicate your message. Forget the spin associated with selling something, and instead focus on helping your customers solve a problem or answer a question.

By regularly engaging with your customers, providing insights into your company or product, the message you send to customers is one that’s clear, helpful and trustworthy.

Accountability in Content Marketing

Our best advice for accountability in content marketing? Own it. Period.

Be clear about what you can deliver, and deliver it by the agreed-upon deadline. Do your research, fact-check everything, and turn in clean copy with no typos or grammatical errors. If a mistake happens, own it, correct it and move on.

Our best advice for accountability in content marketing? Own it. Period.

While outsourcing content that needs to establish trust and credibility with your target audience may seem somewhat risky, Red Pen clients have learned partnering with seasoned journalists truly makes a difference. We’re reliable, efficient, cost-effective and flexible when you need it the most.

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