5 Ways Blogs Help Your Business Grow

Blogging is a stellar way to introduce your company to potential clients and keep your current customers coming back for more. It’s also a great way to get noticed on search engine results and social media.

A well-delivered message shows you care about your customers and you’re there to help them. It also allows you to engage directly with customers who use your service, a key goal for any company’s content marketing strategy.

Need more reasons to launch a company blog? Here are the top five benefits of blogging:

1. Blogs Improve Your Company’s Search Engine Results

By regularly posting blogs on your website that contain popular search keywords and directly answer commonly asked questions, your business will rank higher in online search results.

Think about how people search online when facing a problem. When a faucet springs a leak, they go online to search “how to fix leaky faucet.”

If they find a blog on a local plumber’s website with tips on how to tackle the problem, that plumbing business just gained an edge over the local competition. They did it by using the best keywords and posting fresh content online — two of the most promising SEO (search engine optimization) techniques.

2. Blogs Keep Online Visitors Coming Back to Your Website

Blogging gets you noticed as an expert in your industry. The goal of content marketing isn’t to outright sell your services or products, but to be helpful to your audience as they move through the buying process.

If your blog contains helpful information, they’re likely to come back to your website when they’re ready to hire your service or buy your product. It’s human nature to reciprocate and feel a connection to someone who assisted you in a time of need.

Continuously serve up helpful, engaging content and you’re sure to build an audience and attract repeat visitors, which translates to more sales.

3. Build Your Online Audience with Blogs

Include links to other experts in your field, as well as links to related content on your own website.

External links help you build your ranking on search engines by raising credibility, and they also tell the reader you truly care about giving them the best information out there.

Find some online influencers or popular niche bloggers in your industry and ask to interview them for a blog and offer to include a link to their site. Networking with other experts in your field is just as important online as it is offline.

4. Share Engaging Content on Social Media & Email

Struggling with content for social media? Regular blogs give you something interesting to share on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Including a link to your blog in a social post drives traffic to your website.

Every time Red Pen posts a new blog and promotes it across our social media platforms, we see a significant boost to our website visitors. In contrast, when we stepped away from blogging for a few weeks to solve some wacky website issues, our online traffic took a dramatic dip.

Get even more mileage out of blogs by combining your posts to create a weekly or monthly newsletter that you email to customers. They may even forward your e-newsletter to friends and family interested in your services.

5. Explain Your Services or Product in Blogs

Website writing is our second most-popular service. Your website content needs to be catchy and concise, full of easy-to-digest points of interest and top keywords. Don’t bog it down with pages full of plain text and lengthy explanations — a quick way to lose an online visitor’s interest.

Use your company blog to dive further into your business services and fully explain what you do and why. You know what questions you regularly get from potential clients. Provide answers in your blogs so potential clients become informed customers.

Hiring a Professional Blogger

We know writing a weekly or monthly blog is a tall task for most business owners. Even the marketing agencies and website developers we work with struggle to create content to support their own brand — and that’s what they do for a living. It’s time consuming and hard for the untrained writer.

Red Pen wants to make your job easier, and it doesn’t need to be expensive. Our blogs start as low as $100 for weekly posts or $150 for monthly blogs. Contact us today to get your content marketing plan off the ground.

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