Why Content Marketing Strategy Matters

We’ve told you how great content marketing provides relevancy, value and consistency to turn prospects into customers, and customers into repeat buyers. We’ve explained why it’s imperative to let your passion shine through by creating content that’s helpful, compelling and engaging.

Now, let’s talk about the big picture – your content marketing strategy. Yes, there’s a difference between content marketing and a content marketing strategy. Think of it in these terms. Content marketing is more about the tactics and execution. A content marketing strategy is more about the why, the who and the how.

Why Are You Creating Content?

The first step in crafting a good content marketing strategy is understanding why you’re creating it. What company story or vision do you want to share with your audience? How do they perceive your brand? Where do you want to be in three or five years, and how can content help you get there?

Identify guidelines for your company’s brand, style and voice. Establish whether you want to increase leads or generate brand awareness. Then create a strategy with truly measurable goals for content, such as develop and publish the Best Spring Landscaping Guide by end of Q3.

Who Do You Want to Help?

Understanding your target audience is key to both content marketing and content marketing strategy. Details like age, gender and location all matter to a good content marketer. More importantly, however, are the details of how that 35-year-old woman from Indianapolis found your company.

What are her pain points and what solution can your company offer? What information was she searching for on the internet? What channels does she use to communicate, and what other websites does she frequent? Once you connect with where your customers are, you’ll know how you can help.

How Will You Help?

Your company’s tone and voice typically dictate how helpful you come across to customers. Decide whether you want to be educational and informative or funny and entertaining. It’s fine to be both, but consistency is best when trying to make a real connection with customers.

Stick to being helpful and avoid focusing on trying to sell your product. No one likes a poorly disguised sales pitch. Engage them with helpful information that helps to solve their problem, and you’re more likely to convince them to try your product or service.

A well-defined content strategy will result in customers finding you, liking you and returning for more. Contact Red Pen today to get started on mapping out yours.

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