Effective Storytelling for Business Blogs

Everyone loves a compelling story about an underdog overcoming adversity. Etched in our brains as children, the rags-to-riches fairy tale of the scullery maid turned princess continues to capture our attention in its various modern forms.

Why is that? It’s because storytelling works. A down-on-her-luck heroine plays on your emotions, and takes you on a journey to find a possible solution for her problem. A successful content marketing plan also tells a compelling story, guiding existing and potential customers through their buying journey.

Storytelling engages people. It entertains and informs us, and keeps us coming back for more. That’s why advertisements, feature magazine stories and movies capture our attention — when told in a compelling way that makes us relate to the characters. Consider these content marketing tips for the best way to champion your company’s story and give your customers a happy ending.

Craft a Content Plan with Characters

A good story always includes a solid beginning, middle and ending. It also requires characters you care about and a plot that goes somewhere. Your company’s story is no different.

Create a personal connection to your brand by introducing a character related to your business. Maybe it’s the CEO or an employee who’s turned obstacles into success, or maybe it’s a customer who couldn’t find a solution to their problem until they found your product.

Focus the middle of your story on the problem or challenge. While happy stories go viral more often than negative ones, this doesn’t always work well for a successful content marketing plan. When you address the difficulties your customers might face (or ones you’ve faced) and show you understand why other options didn’t work, you’re engaging customers in their own problems – and in your content.

For the ending, your company swoops in and comes to the rescue! Once you’ve persuaded your audience they need your help through storytelling content marketing, they’ll more effectively consider your solution because they’ve participated in the adventure.

Create Your Company’s Story Plot

Like the beloved fairy tale of Cinderella, every good story requires a solid plot that inspires and motivates.

What’s your company’s story? Is it a quest? A rebirth? Did you or your customers overcome a monster (solved an issue with your product or service), or take a voyage and return (tried a different product or service, but returned to become a loyal customer)?

Ask your customers and employees for examples of how your company has made a difference in their lives or helped them solve a problem. Turn their answers into compelling storytelling blogs or videos.

Polish the Story with Best SEO and Copyediting

Nothing turns off an audience more than a really great story that’s poorly edited and filled with typos and grammatical errors. Those kind of sloppy mistakes destroy your credibility and any authoritative voice you may have on the matter.

Take the time to research your topic, write well and proofread your work – multiple times! Hire experienced writers who know the importance of good storytelling and providing clean copy.

Utilizing best SEO practices, such as long-tail keywords, in your storytelling helps customers find your content when they search for it online. Other online tools include great imagery and strategically placed landing pages.

What’s your company’s story? Is it a quest? A rebirth?

Everyone loves a good story. Let us help you tell yours.

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