Why Do Content Marketing?

Any good business owner knows that getting the word out about their product or service plays a critical role in growing their company. The basic premise of word-of-mouth advertising still works, even in today’s age of information overload.

Think about it. How many times have you hired a company or bought a product after a friend or family member told you how good it was? Many times, most likely, if the information they provided was relevant to your needs and provided a solution to your problem.

Content marketing is no different. By providing relevant, valuable and helpful content, you’ll engage new customers and retain existing customers. Get started on your content marketing plan with these tips.

How Customers Find Your Business

Most customers take a buying journey before finding your product or service. First, they identify their need. Next, they seek a possible solution. Then, they begin researching the various options to determine which one fits their needs.

To help them in their buying journey, you must first identify your target audience. Once you know who your ideal customer is, you can find out what they’re searching for online.

Those customers are more likely to find you if you’re posting regular content that answers their questions with insight, perspective, and best practices. Regularly engaging with new and existing customers shows that you’re helpful and trustworthy.

The Secret to Content Marketing

There’s really no secret to content marketing. It works when it’s relevant, valuable and consistent.

It’s not about pitching your products or services. That’s where many businesses fail with content marketing. They’re so busy focusing on selling their product or service they forget to focus on helping their customers by providing truly useful information.

Do you have customers who’ve asked for advice, opinions or explanations related to your service or product? Your answers to those customers provides relevant and valuable information, and can easily be translated into content marketing for your business.

Tell Your Company Story with Content Marketing

Businesses big and small are investing in content marketing, and brand storytelling is all the buzz in digital marketing circles. But in today’s ever-increasing information overload, it’s never been more important to stand out from the crowd.

Instead of just telling your customers that you’re a rock star, you need to show them with passion and perseverance.

By consistently posting helpful information through blogs, infographics, social media, videos, etc., customers will see that you are engaging with your community around an idea instead of a product, and they’ll seek out your content and want to consume it.

Too focused on day-to-day business to do content marketing the right way? Let the pros at Red Pen, get the word out for you. Contact us today.

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